Wednesday, January 18, 2017

About me

I was born in a small town in SW Kansas. I moved to Enid, OK when I was in fifth grade and had to quickly make new friends. While living in Kansas, my dad was a sportswriter for the local newspaper. He covered the the local community college and reported for every sport. I attended every home game and begged my mom like crazy to let me go to the away games. She mostly said yes but school nights always seemed to get in the way during the week. Being around that environment I really started paying more attention to sports myself. I quickly found that I love to play golf and watch baseball. I started playing golf when I was five and have watched baseball as long as I could remember.

I am a big Royals fan and have been since I was young. It's been a rough few years but it finally seems to be turning around. I hope to work for a professional baseball team someday and would love to be a columnist. I hope to have a hall of fame vote and help decide who makes their way to Cooperstown.